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“Bob and Francesca have done nothing but help me and my family. From signing to sold in 4 weeks!”

Emily, Client

“It was a real pleasure to work with Francesca. I bought a property with her help in December. I was on a business trip when we submitted the offer — and she’s just exceptional as an agent. She pretty much handled everything, even after I came back from the trip: preparing the offer, working with my loan agent, preemptively bringing contractors to look at house issues which might hold up the loan, working with seller to adjust closing date… even talking to the police after some guy stole the key lock box! Working hard and yes, always with a happy smile!”


“I cannot say enough good things about Francesca. As a first timer the home buying process can be stressful, but Francesca helped us tour and close on a house within a month. She was extremely responsive – whether at midnight or 8am. She was always there for us when unexpected changes come up. She has a wealth of resources from builder to title rep to help us navigate the unknowns. Any agent can open a lockbox or submit an offer, but Francesca’s level of diligence and attention to detail make her a superstar.”

Lisa & Di


“Bob-da-builder and Fran-da-man are going to be friends for life and universe willing we will be doing many many more projects together. Here is their long overdue review! Tl;DR: Always on, market savvy, well connected, super hardworking, deal-making hustlers, who will always have your back and will bend over backwards to make sure you are happily moved into your dream home. 2019 New Years day, my wife and I decided we need to improve our quality of life by cutting down our commute. Which meant paying an arm and a leg to buy a house in the Peninsula. But we didn’t have that kind of money! So we started looking at houses that had been on the market for many weeks to see if there was a deal to be had. That is where we ran in Fran at an open house. 

And boom, she opened our mind to a plethora of options: Lease to buy, getting an unwanted ugly ducking and fixing it up and lastly being open to the right kind of strategic locations that would solve our commute but night be peninsula proper. After a very quick 2 weeks of seeing houses every morning and evening. We found a fixer-upper in need of love. But I was afraid since I had no handy skills nor had I ever managed a remodel! Bob came in with – “it’s a piece of cake” and set out a plan for how to get everything done, got me the right people and then got stuff done. I am writing this as we are planning our move into the home.  If Bob & Fran are with you, you are on the winning team.”

​Gagan & Divya


“I call Bob my angel. I met Bob several years ago under stressful circumstances. I had been working with a contractor on a project that was tagged midway through by the City of Redwood City for non-compliant construction and no permits. It was a bit of a mess so I was despondent and unclear on how to proceed. Bob came to my rescue – he stepped in to help me out and with his advice, guidance and management we walked the project through to successful completion – fully permitted and in perfect shape! Bob managed (with ease) to get the right people on my job, oversaw all aspects of the build-out, was extremely well skilled himself, he made good, sound and very well informed decisions on all matters. He knows the entire process of construction, entitlements, planning and permitting inside and out. Since this victory, Bob and I have remained friends and become colleagues. I have yet to be on a construction site where he isn’t the most capable and informed person on the job. Most importantly, Bob is an earnest, honest and kind person.  I would and do trust him in all matters.” 



“Francesca and Bob are a dynamic duo who are not only a joy to work with, but also a huge asset to have in your corner as you embark on the perilous home buying journey (and I’m sure equally as helpful in the home selling process). My fiancé and I recently bought our first home in the Peninsula, and I’m not sure it would’ve happened if it weren’t for the always-on support of Francesca and Bob. Being new to the entire process, we had a LOT of dumb questions, but Francesca and Bob answered all of them promptly and made things easy to understand. 

When it came to the actual process of finding homes and touring, Bob and Francesca were seasoned vets. Fran is a pro at getting you in the door first, and she’ll go to bat for you and call listing agents without hesitation. Bob brings decades of experience buying and building in the area, and provided invaluable perspective when it came to looking at the structure and durability of the homes – not just the pretty lipstick sellers put on before listing. He is also incredibly well connected and can get you in touch with some of the best contractors and tradesmen in the area. 

Together they helped us negotiate through multiple offers, which culminated in us landing the house of our dreams at asking price (pretty much unheard of in this market). We can’t say enough good things about Bob and Francesca. Whether it was their willingness to hop on calls late in the evening after work, or hustling all weekend long to find us the perfect home, they will work harder than anyone to get you want you’ve always dreamed of. I certainly don’t think it will be the last time we work with them, and I’d recommend their services to anyone who asked.

Robert & Gina


“Bob and Francesca did a fabulous job on selling my grandmothers house! They have done nothing but help me and my family. From signing to sold it was 4 weeks! Our heads were spinning! When 65 years of clutter wasn’t out by the deadline, they showed up with a U-Haul and put the rest in storage!; my family doesn’t move very quickly lol. Renovated the necessities and with 2 open houses we got 150 000 over asking! Not to mention 2 other properties in the immediate area still haven’t moved for the same price and newly remodeled.. If you want ACTION The JOHNSTON Lampert Group is the obvious CHOICE! As an ADDED PLUS, he helped me not only LOOK for a new place but helped me MOVE, CLEAN AND PAINT (life savor), FOUND my mom a BEAUTIFUL home which is wheelchair accessible for my brother and helped her move ALSO (which wasn’t an easy task) Its settling when the people you hire have the KNOWLEDGE and the EXPERIENCE to move through the toughest tasks with EASE and GRACE. Nothing ruffles this guys feathers! So needless to say they are now helping my CLIENTS and FRIENDS. They’re the GIFT that keeps on GIVING for sure! Thank you so much to FRAN and BOB! You two are the PERFECT TEAM!


Francesca, Bob and Bobby were a dream to work with!  They delivered on everything they promised and more.  They literally rolled up their sleeves and tackled jobs that needed to be completed in my home.  They have a wealth of resources and contacts available.  I wish I had known about them sooner!!  My home entered into contract, was prepped, staged, listed and sold in less than 2 weeks.  They were very supportive and available throughout this process.



Francesca helps us a lot on our recent purchase of an investment house.Very professional, always offering the help we need!Very considerate and always with a big smile on her face! We feel so lucky to have her as our agent!


Francesca helped us locate and secure a rental home in Emerald Hills. We could not be happier with her professionalism and commitment to showing us homes that fit our needs. We had been casually looking on our own but things shifted gears when Francesca joined us in the search and really drilled down on what we needed and what would be the best areas of the peninsula for us to look. We were quickly able to find a perfect home that had not even been listed yet. Additionally she helped us negotiate a fair price and sent us a nice gift when we moved in! We will definitely go back to her when we are ready to purchase.

Brian & Karen


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